Cotton Yarn Processing

A study of mechanical equipment used to open, blend and clean the raw materials and to prepare cotton and other staple fibres for succeeding yarn manufacturing processes. Blending of staple fibers: calculation of drafts ; measuring devices, wastes, evener motion and production. A study of the theory and operation of the cotton and other staple fibres.
Card construction, setting, clothing, drafts and production. A study of the drawing machine construction; ratio of speed, doubling, production and draft calculation. Study of settings and adjustment of the comb its preparatory machines; the value and use of its product. Timing and setting of the comb for various staples and required waste, production and other calculation, management, and operation of this machines.

Lecture 01

Lecture 02

Lecture 03

Lecture 04

Lecture 05

Lecture 06

Lecture 07

Short Staple Yarn Processing

Long Staple Yarn Processing


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